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Carpet Cleaning

bkcarpet_workvanWhy should you have your carpeting cleaned? Beyond the obvious visual reasons (it looks dirty, food and drink spills, etc) there are some not so visually obvious reasons.

We spend approximately 90% of our time indoors, we are becoming more aware of the indoor environment. How many of us realize the important role carpet plays in improving the quality of our lifestyles? After all, carpet enhances the beauty of our homes and buildings and often determines how interiors are perceived.

As our homes and public buildings have become more energy efficient, they have also become tighter, locking in a higher level of foreign matter than before. Chemicals and microscopic particles are emitted into the air by various sources – paint, furniture, furnishings, cleaners, wall coverings, air conditioning systems, pets, and to a small degree, carpet. These microscopic particles accumulate in, under, and around carpet and other furnishings. For example, when old carpet is removed, large concentrations of particulates, such as dust, dust mites, and other allergens, are often released. Even new homes or offices can be the source of a problem, since significant amounts of dust from the construction process can irritate the eyes and upper respiratory tract.

Regular maintenance and cleaning of carpet by B&K Carpet cleaning will help to control and remove:

Germs, Bacteria, and Allergens


Germs, bacteria, and allergens of all kinds can be tracked onto your carpeting. Even the use of treated doormats cannot prevent this, but may significantly retard the process. Furthermore, dust mites and their fecal matter are the cause of most respiratory and allergic problems in the home today. These germs and pests are alive and thriving in your carpet, and as long as it remains dirty, they will continue to breed and grow. (photo of dust mite)
Soapy, Sticky Residue
Soapy and sticky residue from improper cleaning methods such as conventional shampoo, dry foam, spray, and bonnet methods will cause rapid resoiling due to the lack of proper extraction of the chemicals used in these methods. Spots and stains will resurface because they were only pushed a little deeper, and the traffic lanes will appear dirty much sooner. Our system cleans right down to the base of the carpet, removing all remnants of traces of past cleaning attempts along with the dirt.

Sand, Grit, and Hard Dirt Particles
Sand, grit, and hard dirt particles that are deeply embedded in your carpet will cause abrasion of the tips and sides of the fibers. These scratches will make the carpet look dull after a time.
Dirt Particles
Dirt particles contain an assortment of minerals and chemicals that are gathered and blended from a wide area. Humidity or moisture tracked into your home on shoes can act as a catalyst to this foreign matter. The reaction may cause severe damage to the carpet dye and can actually change the color of the carpet if it remains over long periods of time.


Gasses In The Air
Gasses in the air caused by the burning of various fuels and the action of the sun on certain other gasses in the atmosphere can affect the stability of a carpet dye.
Common Disinfectants
Many disinfectants and harsh detergents can affect the dye. The longer these foreign elements are allowed to remain in your carpet, the more likely the chance of damage to carpet dye. It is dye damage that first causes you to notice a change in the color of your carpet.