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How to prevent carpets from fading

Spring is here and with summer right around the corner we’re going to have more hours of sunlight. More hours of light means more time for the sun’s beams to shine through our windows on our beautiful carpets and area rugs. Natural lighting is always welcomed in a home, but you never want your carpet to fade from the lights rays. Here are some helpful tips to keep the carpets in your home from sun fading.

Place Carpet Out Of Direct Sunlight
Even though the sun can reach your area rug from almost anywhere in the room. You should try to keep your area rug in the center of the room and away from windows.
Close Your Draperies
When carpet is in direct sunlight it increases fading. Try closing your drapes when your out or away at work. Reducing the amount of time the sunlight is on your carpet.
Use Protective Window Treatment
It’s not hard to find ultraviolet blocking window coatings. These treatments are also available in clear making it very unnoticeable.
Use Carpet/Rug Protection
Most hardware stores have carpet protection. Make sure to apply periodically so that it can add an extra another layer of protection to your carpet. Be aware that there are different carpet protection types for different carpets. Using the wrong type may result in damaging your rug.