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upho1Children, pets and guests can cause your furniture and upholstery to look a little worse for wear? Relax, We can help!

Don’t replace your sofa or chair. B&K Carpet has the technology to not only effectively clean but to protect your furnishings and fabrics. Upholstery cleaning is a complicated art with many choices of available materials and dyes to choose from. Too much water, chemicals that are too strong, or dyes that are not permanent may leave you less than impressed with the outcome of some upholstery cleaning. B and K Carpet can help restore the beauty and extend the life of your favorite upholstered furniture.

Proper cleaning can also greatly contribute to a healthier indoor environment. Upholstery cleaning is not only a matter of good house and office keeping, but also basic health. Fabrics and cushions acquire dust and pet dander over time. Microscopic dust mites cause chronic health issues such as sinus problems, asthma, and headaches due to allergies. Only a thorough, professional upholstery cleaning can effectively remove these dangerous specimens.

Your furniture is a major investment. Regular cleaning will make it look better and last longer. We are known for completely removing stubborn dirt and stains that no one else can. If B and K Carpet cannot get the stain out, then it is not coming out. Our mission is to provide you with the most outstanding upholstery cleaning service ever and to make your upholstery looking new again! Call today at 732-517-1107 for prompt arrivals, clear, honest pricing, exceptional service and satisfaction that will keep you using us forever.