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What Are Dust Mites And How To Contain Them?

carpet and upholstery cleaningNo matter who you are, no matter where you live, you never sleep alone.

Don’t panic, those sleeping with you are somewhat peaceful and not really that noticeable, until the “Welcome” sign goes up and they start inviting a bunch of guests over. Once the invitation goes out, there can be millions that end up in one mattress alone!

Yes, we are talking about dust mites. These are microscopic eight-legged creatures that live in every house and take up residence in virtually every pillow, mattress and other comfortable abodes in the world.

Commonly called the “house dust mite”, there are many forms of this bug. This little creature feeds on flakes of shed human and animal skin and are known to be a cause of asthma and allergic reactions. Dust mite feces contains a powerful digestive enzyme that causes breathing problems if there are enough of the creatures in your home. Some people are highly sensitive to dust mites, while others never have a reaction.

What can you do?

First of all, don’t panic. Dust mites are everywhere, and there’s nothing anyone can do about that. Dust mites are less likely to be a problem if the environment is uncomfortable or unwelcoming for them.

What you can do is keep things clean. Dust mites reproduce quickly in mattresses, bedding, pillows and other areas because these absorbent items take up moisture, such as saliva, perspiration and blood, from body contact. Dust mites prefer those warm, moist environments created by sleeping bodies.

Besides moisture, they need food. Dust mites are like any living creature, they need to eat. The skin flakes, dander and other protein sources are food for dust mites, so regular vacuuming is smart, especially using one with HEPA filtering. Running an air cleaner in your home with HEPA filtering will help, too.

Professional carpet cleaning is a good investment for your New Jersey home. BK Carpet’s carpet and rug cleaning services can deter these pests from becoming a problem for you and your family. Deep cleaning all fabrics and upholstery on a regular basis means you are taking food away from these unwanted tenants. Logically, this equates to fewer dust mites coming over to party at your house.

So be a smart homeowner. Keep things clean and keep some of the pests away!

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