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What Is Fabric Protection And How Does It Work?

fabric_protectionOne of the best ‘feel good’ experiences you can enjoy is having freshly-cleaned carpet or furniture.

Alternatively, one of the most frustrating experiences might be when, within just a few days, something like red wine, coffee or tea is spilled on that freshly-cleaned carpet or furniture. That wouldn’t be good!

You might feverishly apply all kinds of household cleaning products and scrub in desperation, trying to lift the offending stain. The spot may look a little better but won’t be gone completely. If you leave your house and come back a few hours later, the stain may look worse than it did before!

All of this drama may have been avoided if you had requested fabric protection when you had your carpet or furniture cleaned. You’ve probably heard of some popular brand name products, like Scotchgard or Teflon which are available to consumers.

Fabric protection does cost a little bit more but than a basic carpet or furniture cleaning service, but you can see from the example described above, it’s worth it!

How does fabric protection work?

Fabric protection is a mystery to many, but basically it acts as an invisible shield that repels most substances that are spilled.

You might compare this to waxing a car. You are providing protection to your paint job by applying an invisible shield, and you know it is working because you can see water beading up on the surface. Carpet and furniture fabrics need the same type of protection.

Besides the obvious immediate benefit of allowing you to clean up fresh spills before they stain your valuable property, you can rest assured that a protected carpet or piece of furniture is going to last longer because when something is clean, it performs better and increases the lifetime of the fabric.

Carpets, rugs and furniture will wear out prematurely if they aren’t properly cared for and kept clean, with or without fabric protection. Applying fabric protection doesn’t mean you can skip regular cleaning. Fabric protection is a compliment that enhances a good cleaning. It’s an added step that you want for your carpet and furniture in your home.

If you want peace of mind, the next time you have your carpet or furniture cleaned, ask your professional carpet cleaner for fabric protection. If you have questions regarding this post or topic, call (732)517-1107 or contact us today.